Q: What is cornea ?
A: It is the clear transparent front layer of eye.


Q: How it becomes opaque ?
A: It can become cloudy due to infection, injury, poor nutrition or
due to birth defects.


Q: How corneal diseases are treated ?
A: In early stages medical management is tried in most of the cases.
Though it is successful in most of the cases, sometimes surgical intervention is necessary.


Q: What is corneal transplant ?
A: If cornea becomes permanently opaque then it can be treated by replacing it with healthy donated cornea.this procedure is called corneal transplant. The human cornea can be procured through eye donation only.


Q: What is the procedure of eye donation ?
A: The following are the facts and myths about eye donation



  • It is done after death only
  • Filling of pledge form is not necessary,
  • Consent of family member is must.
  • Hence we must express our wish to family members
    and friends because after death it is thier the duty
    to fulfill the desire of eye donation.
  • It should be within 6-8 hrs of death



  • Decision of eye donation is taken by donor.
  • Donating eyes disfigures the body of the deceased.
  • People with poor eyesight cannot donate eyes.
  • Donating Eyes leads to blindness in the next life.
  • Eye donation must happen immediately after death.
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