Our Services


    • Corneal Scraping
    • Topography
    • Pachymetry


    • Lasik (At Kapil Eye Hospital Ambala)
    • Contact Lens Fitting (Soft/RGP)


    • Keratoplasty (Pk/Lk/Dlk/Dsek)
    • Corneal Collagen Cross Linking (C3r)
    • Amniotic Membrane Graft
    • Glue Bcl Application
    • Corneal Biopsy
    • Limbal Stem Cell Transplant



    • KOH Mount
    • Gram Stain
    • Giemsa Stain
    • Blood Agar Culture
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"Dear Dr Sujata, Greetings, I had visited your clinic when I was suffering from Corneal Ulcer and it was already being treated for nearly 3 weeks and was not getting healed , your right diagnosis and timely treatment not only healed my ulcer but helped me in restoring my vision , my vision today is 6/9 and partially 6/6 also, at one stage I was scared that I might be only able to see partially to now a vision that does gives me a feeling that I had never suffered any problem in my eye Thanx for your treatment n Wish you all the best" - Regards


This is to extend my gratitude and thankfulness for the care.

I, hereby take this opportunity to share my experience of an enormous positive change that I witnessed at your Hospital over last one year.

I have found the staff members to be very patient and accommodating as against my earlier experiences at your hospital.

I once again am very thankful for your kind attention, time and detail for medical advice.

Wishing you all very best of luck.

- Thanks